Full Motivation Is The Breakfast Of Champions
PROMPT: DEM CURLS- So at work there was this guy that had Niki's hair & I was like:"VERONA, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT TOUCH HIS HAIR. DO NOT RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH HIS HAIR. HE'S A CUSTOMER, HE'S EATING. DON'T DO IT!" & then it hit me... did James have this problem? I bet James couldn't resist Niki's cute curly ass hair. So... would you write a fluffy/funny fic of James trying to run his fingers through Niki's hair & Niki being 3000% DONE with James grabbing at his hair every chance he gets? :3

James has got into a habit of touching Niki’s hair. At first it was to piss him off, pulling at his curls to get his attention and enjoying the way Niki hissed like an angry cat. Then it was during sex, something to grab hold of when Niki was blowing him, or when he was fucking Niki into the mattress. Now it’s something sweet, running his hands through Niki’s hair as he goes to fetch the paper, or pressing a kiss to Niki’s curls when he’s leaning over him to grab something from a cupboard.

At the moment they’re lazily fucking, Niki lying with his head on the pillow and his arse in the air as James fucks into him, making little contented noises as James hits him exactly right.

“You good?” James asks after Niki makes a happy little whining sound, rubbing his cock against the sheets for friction

Ja. Touch my hair?” Niki asks, and James tangles his fingers in Niki’s hair, pulling his head up for tension. Niki makes an appreciative noise and bucks up against James. “Keep doing that.”

James rubs small circles into Niki’s scalp as he speeds up the pace of his thrusts, and Niki makes a mewling noise, burying his face into the pillow.

“Don’t stop.” He mumbles and James carries on, massaging Niki’s scalp and steadily fucking into him until Niki gives a gasp and cries out James’ name, deflating underneath him. James follows soon after, holding onto Niki’s hair, and then collapses on top of Niki, nibbling at his shoulder.

“How was that for Breakfast of Champions?” He asks quietly and Niki twists his head to kiss him.

Gut.” He admits and James kisses him hard.





When people in movies run directly away from the train / boulder / truck / etc instead of just like, taking two steps to the side of it

OH NO A GIGANTIC TREE FALLING OVER *runs away directly along its length*


Bucky knows what’s up


'Rush' deleted scene No. 2

Making my way through prompts, writing fast, adding tags, and I’m finished

I recently saw a pic of Kimi without his sunglasses and he had these horrible eye bags, looked like he hadn't been sleeping well in ages. Could you write a fic where something horrible happens during some GP cause Kimi wasn't able to pay attention to his surroundings due to the lack of sleep and Seb gets mad at him for scaring him half to death in the process? :p

“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!” Sebastian yells the minute he’s allowed to see Kimi in the hospital ward. “I thought you were going to die!”

Kimi sighs. “Well I’m fine now.” He says, only having woken up an hour ago and everything seems a lot louder and brighter than it had been before his accident, when he was so tired that he fell asleep at the wheel of the car. “Could you speak a bit quieter?”

“Could I speak a bit quieter?” Sebastian repeats, voice dangerously low, “Do you have any idea Kimi, how anxious I’ve been the past few days?”

“Very?” Kimi asks and Sebastian looks like he wants to punch him in the face

“They told me you could die!” He shouts at him, “Do you have any fucking clue how horrible that was for me?”

“Why would you even care if I died or not/” Kimi asks and Sebastian gives a shout of despair

“Because you’re my friend and I care about you!”

“Why do you care about me?” Kimi replies and Sebastian stares at him for one long moment before shaking his head

“You idiot.” He tells him, and kisses him hard on the mouth. Kimi stills in shock, and Sebastian pulls away, looking a little scared.

“I like you.” He says quietly and Kimi manages to nod

“I can see that.”

“I should go.” Sebastian mumbles and Kimi catches hold of his arm.

“Wait. I need to kiss you goodbye first.” He tugs Sebastian down and kisses him on the lips softly and Sebastian kisses him back all-too eagerly.  


Sebastian Vettel with a dog that strangely looks a lot like him?


Sebastian Vettel with a dog that strangely looks a lot like him?


Niki has a secret admirer

“Flowers.” Niki remarks to James as he collects his mail from his locker. “Any idea?”

James shakes his head. “I don’t know who’s sending you things.”

“Huh.” The flowers have no note inside them like usual but Niki always checks to make sure. “I wonder whose doing it?”

“I don’t know.” James repeats, opening his own locker and pulling out several bills. “It’s cute though.”

“Bit creepy.”

“No, cute.”

They argue as they walk up the stairs together, James protesting that Niki’s secret admirer’s actions are sweet, and Niki complaining that it’s slightly stalkerish.

“I mean,” He says, pausing outside the door of his flat. “We’ve never even spoken before.”

“Maybe you have and you don’t know it.”

“Yeah right.” Niki laughs, “I only know you in this building.”

James is quiet and a thought dawns on Niki.

“Oh my god.” He says quietly and James flushes bright red. “It’s you!”

James turns on his heel and flees and Niki stares after him. “You can’t escape!” He yells after him and then takes a smell of the flowers. They’re quite nice actually.


Erm…yeah…I appear to have made my dash get involved in a thing…


Erm…yeah…I appear to have made my dash get involved in a thing…