Full Motivation Is The Breakfast Of Champions

I have convinced Eriikka I can speak to fruit flies, this is the best night of my life


I went for the “i could kill a man with a simple gaze” look

Eriikka is sleepy and she’s getting upset because she doesn’t know how mermaids have babies

I'll just, leave this here... ✿✄✄✄✄✄✄✄☁♕♫ <3

Awwww, stop it you! <33




This is amazing.


Just arrived back at the hotel after a long day in London, where I met up with Flirt! (sorry darling I cannot tag you on my phone! :c )

London is absolutely lovely so far, knackered from all the walking and I could use a massage or two, but it’s all worth it. Last day tomorrow, and then I’ll be back for a couple of days!

Urbie also fails at walking long distances and is a super Harry Potter nerd

Please tell me there is Friday Night Dinner fanfiction somewhere