Full Motivation Is The Breakfast Of Champions
Walk into the club like whatup, am I appropriately dressed in business attire I don’t want to offend the nuns

Walk into the club like whatup, am I appropriately dressed in business attire I don’t want to offend the nuns

Pray for me starting school tomorrow 


Mallory Ortberg has a voice like an old movie actress. (“Male Novelist Jokes” at the Last Bookstore in LA)

Why Simi is different: 50 reasons


  1. They have celebrated ALL their championship victory together.
  2. Seb went only to one race of rally and he has chosen the rally in Finland. He went to Kimi’s motorhome after the race.
  3. Since they know each other the always find a moment to play badminton and tennis together.
  4. They partied, drank and smoked together through the night
  5. Seb ate in Ferrari hospitality after Kimi return.
  6. They made an interview together about their relationship for two TV channels.
  7. Seb made an imitation of Kimi which says it was the best moment of his year.
  8. After they meet Kimi gave Seb a lift with his private jet
  9. They casually chosen the same time and place for vacancy
  10. They are often dressed in similar way
  11. They had a lunch together during a F1 weekend and then Kimi gave Seb a lift with his golf buggy
  12. Seb quoted Kimi during a team radio talking with his Ing.
  13. After Seb won his first championship, he said that Kimi was his ispiration.
  14. Seb tried to put an indian scarf on Kimi’s neck to pull him
  15. When Seb had to choose the coolest person between Obama, Homer Simpson and Brat Pitt, he chose Kimi!
  16. Seb answered Kimi as the winner of 2008 title even if he was not on the list.
  17. Kimi talked about Seb even if the journalist’s question was about Loeb.
  18. Kimi: “We liked each other from day one.”
  19. They always define each other like a friend not a driver or colleague
  20. Seb was late at Fia gala but he went anyway at Kimi’s table to talk with him.
  21. Journalists always ask them personal questions about each other
  22. During the press conferences they are always talking and whispering
  23. Also during not-F1 TV show they talk about each other
  24. Seb showed his feelings for Kimi in world live coverage
  25. They talked in the bathroom
  26. They shared an umbrella during the drivers parade
  27. Seb prefered Kimi among all the other drivers as a teammate
  28. Seb replied to a journalist that Kimi is still young and they could still drive together for many years
  29. They walk with no personal space and share private glances that people may believe pictures are manipulated
  30. They find the time to play together even during a race weekend
  31. Seb went to Kimi’s hotel during the night even if they were in different ones
  32. They are kinda partner in crime during the interviews
  33. Seb loves how Kimi speaks because he talks very funny
  34. They are always isolated from the others drivers
  35. They know the pubblic and the private aspect of each other life and they always make the journalists aware of this
  36. They joke with each other on the podium
  37. They always have private celebration on the podium and pre-podium
  38. They said that their relationship won’t never be wasted in case of race incidents
  39. Seb took out a piece of a puzzle to help Kimi with his in order to finish the puzzles together
  40. Seb put his hat on Kimi during a press conference
  41. Seb was concerned about Kimi’s back right after the race
  42. They talk in code and they hide from the others to share private jokes
  43. Seb made the rabbit ears on Kimi’s back during the pubblic photos on the podium
  44. Some fans made them to sign Simi-photos collage and they smiled.
  45. They have initentionals “reflexs” when they are close to each other after many days of separation
  46. They don’t take attention to photographs to look at each other, even when they are supposed to pose for some photos
  47. They swore on the podium and they both took a fine
  48. They alway tell journalists their are the only drivers that they could also define friend in the paddock
  49. Seb said: “Kimi would have been nice in many ways”
  50. They still remember when they met.

Thanks to my partner in crime highlightsandflames for the help!

How do you write so good? and How do you get all the inspiration? Ops that's 2 questions :-/ Please answer both, I need to know XD :-D

I have no idea how I write so well?! I practise a lot, and I’ve written for lots of different fandoms. Also I’m really in deep with the pairings so I love coming up with new ways for them to fall in love or being dorks or having sex. <33

idk how you anon when the right hand blog thing comes up: so /anon/ what's your favourite school meal?

My favourite school meal is the stuffed mushroom with crumble and custard for desert! :D

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one thing people with vaginas have real solidarity on is their periods:

  • we dont judge someone if they prefer pads or tampons over the other
  • we always have extras and we’re always willing to give them to someone in need
  • we teach each other about cramp remedies and how to get out bloodstains
  • we do pants checks for each other
Loved the porn fic! So good

Aww, thank you darling! <3